CEO & Founder

Falak Sher

An enthusiastic and visionary entrepreneur with a deep understanding of diverse business landscapes and a proven track record of elevating them to new heights. My journey in the world of business is not just about success; it’s about transforming lives and creating opportunities.

At the heart of my ventures is Starlink Care in Pakistan, a groundbreaking platform where education meets opportunity. Here, we don’t just train students; we integrate them into our team, offering them real-world experience and the chance to provide top-tier services to clients in the UK and US. This model empowers talented individuals who might otherwise not have the chance to showcase their skills on a global stage.

Our commitment at Starlink Care extends beyond business. We are deeply invested in caring for and supporting people in need. By identifying and nurturing hidden talents, we provide pathways to better lives and professional success. Our financial support to local businesses reflects our dedication to fostering a community of shared growth and prosperity.

Visionary Entrepreneur & Business Growth Strategist

Bringing 12 years of dynamic experience in business development, I've harnessed the power of the internet age to drive innovation and growth across various industries.

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Falak Sher